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Selling your home is a complex process no matter what state you live in. When it comes to selling real estate in Rhode Island, you must be aware of the general and state-specific costs you’ll have to pay when closing a deal.

Sellers often forget that not all of the out-of-pocket fees come from the buyer’s end, and it’s important to be prepared to face certain costs upfront rather than being surprised by them later. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but the more you learn beforehand, the easier it will be when the time comes to officially sign off on your home.

Interested in putting your property on the market? Here’s what you need to know about the closing costs when selling a house in Rhode Island.

RI Closing Costs: What to Expect

Below, we’ll list the major closing costs and fees associated with selling your home in the state of Rhode Island. Many of these fees and costs can (and likely will) be negotiated between you, the buyer, and the real estate professionals helping you make the best deal.
It ultimately depends on the kind of market you are in. In some cases, you may want to offer to pay a larger amount of the fees in order to make your home more attractive to the buyer potentially purchasing your home. But if it’s a “seller’s market,” you may be able to negotiate paying less during the closing process.

Here are the major costs associated with selling your Rhode Island home.

1. Attorney’s Closing Fee

Even if you are a DIY seller choosing to sell without the help of a real estate agent, there still needs to be an attorney involved at some point. This is because an attorney is the only person authorized to pass on the title of the property to a new owner. In some cases, you must hire the attorney, while in other cases, a title company can do it for you.

The attorney will charge their own fee for assisting in the successful sale of your home. In Rhode Island, this fee can range anywhere from $800 to more than $1,000.

2. Transfer of Deed Tax

The amount you must pay for your deed transfer tax actually depends on which Rhode Island municipality the home is located in. You may want to speak with some experts in your area so you can get a better idea of how much you should put aside for this specific closing cost.
In some municipalities, there is a single flat fee for the deed transfer tax. But other areas might charge in accordance with the home’s selling price; for example, $10 for every $1,000 of the cost will be charged to transfer the deed.

In RI, the standard transfer tax is $2.50 for every $500 of the home’s selling price.

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3. Existing Money Owed: Liens, Mortgages, Loans, etc.

If you still owe money on your home, such as a mortgage, you need to pay it off as a condition of selling. If you can’t pay all of this off from the sale of your home, then special financing circumstances may be required.

Beware of doing things this way, as some mortgage providers might actually charge an extra fee for paying it off early, or paying it off late, while others have a fee for recording their service with you.

It’s important that you get ahead of the game by contacting your mortgage company to find out what exactly the additional costs may be.

4. General Closing Fees and Escrow Fees

Before the entire selling process can be completed, the seller must pay a fee for the escrow process. Title companies (or escrow companies if you are not going through title) are usually the ones responsible for charging this fee, and they will hold onto your deed and all of the money the buyer pays until you have covered this fee on your end.

There isn’t an exact number to put on this fee as it varies widely by escrow company and it can also change depending on whether the sale of the home is contingent upon something financial. However, you can rely on the quote given to you by your escrow company, as the final costs are typically very close.

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What's Your Home Worth!

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5. Property Taxes

It is the seller’s responsibility to cover any property taxes you may still owe on the property. If you have any outstanding amounts, you need to get that taken care of as quickly as possible. In most cases, you must pay up to the day of closing, in which case you will be charged a prorated amount.

6. Broker Commission

Your real estate broker will take a cut of the total purchase price of the house, which on average is between 5% and 6% in Rhode Island. Keep in mind that you do have options when it comes to selling your home, and you are not required to go through a broker, or an agent. If you are looking to cut down costs, you can try to sell your home directly through the MLS. However, working with a broker/agent can often help you navigate details that could cost you thousands of dollars, making the experience go a lot more smoothly.

7. Additional Fees and Loans

Aside from the major closing costs and fees associated with selling your house, there are a few smaller fees that you must consider. Some of these fees may not be required, but should still be considered. Keep a lookout for the following:

Courier Fees

You can choose to use a courier to deliver all of your loan payoffs or other documents while you sell your home. In this case, the courier typically charges between $25 and $100 depending on how many deliveries are required.

Estoppel Letter

You only need to worry about this if the home you’re selling is part of an HOA. Estoppel letters include the homeowners’ association’s account of the state of your home and whether you owe anything to them.

Smoke Detectors

In Rhode Island, there is a state-specific law that requires sellers to put smoke detectors in the home. RI General Law 44-30-71.3 states that you must purchase a certificate for $30 which proves that you have successfully installed these in the home.


If you have any overdue utility bills, you need to pay them all the way up to the date of sale.

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Free Home Value Request!

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Going through the process of selling your home in Rhode Island requires a certain amount of closing costs and fees depending on the complexity of your sale. Some costs are required both by the state of Rhode Island and by the companies you are working with, such as your mortgage company, while other costs are varied and negotiable, such as a broker’s fee and courier payments.

It’s important to go with an expert that you can trust to guide you through the process so you don’t have any surprises waiting for you at the end.

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Without reservation and to the highest degree, I whole heartedly recommend Joe as a realtor. As a seller, I entered the process a bit weary (having previously encountered realtors who were willing to tell me anything I wanted to hear when I was a buyer years ago). In refreshing contrast, Joe is honest, ethical, patient, and transparent. He is a wealth of knowledge and will advocate for you as his client. There were many roadblocks that arose during the sale of my condo, which Joe was able to expertly navigate.


~ Elisabeth E - Downtown Providence

It was my first time buying a house/condo and Joe was beyond helpful in finding the perfect place for me. Once I did, he advised me on what to offer and I trusted his judgement completely. I would use Joe’s services again in a heartbeat.


~ John B - West Warwick

About a month a go I reached out to Joe as our first step in finding a home. He immediately set us up with an MLS account that sent us listings that were tailored for exactly what we wanted. He was friendly and extremely accommodating. He encouraged us to look at as many homes as we wanted. He was incredibly knowledgeable, researched all the neighborhoods and was detailed oriented in comparing homes. What I appreciated the most was that he never pressured us to rush into buying anything and was able to guide us when it came to putting offers negotiating for the best price. In the end, we found our perfect home faster than expected and under Joe’s advice we were able to put in an offer that was accepted at $30,000 less than the asking price. With his help and great references, we were even able to close on the house in just over 2 weeks! We couldn’t be happier with the house we bought, the money we saved and everything our realtor Joe did for us to make it all happen. Thank you Joe!!!


~ Katherine & Tyler W - North Providence

Joe was incredibly helpful and resourceful when helping me purchase my new home. He went above and beyond to make sure I found the right place at the right price and made sure every detail was to the highest standard. Additionally, Joe is very professional and truly looks out for his clients.


~ Ella C - East Side of Providence

Joe has been amazing!. We felt we really had somebody working with and for us. He is the best real state agent!. Particularly working with him from the distance. He made easy every step for us without making us feel stressed through the process. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!


~ Marta C - East Side of Providence

I have recently had the best experience with Executive Realty and cannot be more impressed with Joe’s knowledge, enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication. He found the perfect condo in Providence for my daughter and provided us with the most amazing contacts from banks to movers to contractors. Without Joe’s amazing efforts, we would still be searching instead of being ready to move in this week. My friends find it amazing that we visited the condo on November 11 and closed on December 12! In fact, what’s even more amazing is that Joe has followed up with us over the past week to make sure everything is going smoothly with my daughter’s move, our contractor, and the condo unit in general. Executive Realty is on the top of my list and I would be happy to recommend Joe to anyone. Having a realtor who knows his stuff and cares about his clients really matters, and that is why I took the time to acknowledge Joe and his business :)


~ Lynne R - Downtown Providence

Joe was extremely attentive and provided an excellent level of service. A true professional, Joe's experience and vast knowledge of the market shined when handling both of our transactions (selling and buying). I would highly recommend Joe to others for their real estate needs.


~ Bob & Joy S - Cranston, RI

I would highly recommend Joe DeChristofaro as a realtor. I worked with Joe for several years as I wanted to purchase a home in a specific area. Joe was very patient and accommodating while we searched for the perfect home. Joe gave great recommendations and even helped point out potential issues with the houses we viewed. I had a great experience with Joe and I would recommend him to anyone purchasing or selling a home.


~ Dave P - Warwick

Joe is just excellent. His expertise in the field is exceptional and he walked me through the process of buying my first home, step by step. He is extremely humble and disarming, making him a very approachable person and so easy to work with. I never hesitated to call or email and he was readily available. I would recommend him without any hesitation to friends and family.


~ Bianca C - Downtown Providence

Joe is an amazing realtor and person! He is knowledgeable, honest and ethical. He helped us from the beginning to find the house we wanted. Even after we bought to house, he still keet in contact with us to make sure everything was okay. And he gave us incredible tips about being a homeowner and a landlord...


~ Tiffany & Efe K - West Warwick

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